Why Tempy?

Reasons why you should use the Tempy Bot.

Individuality & Experience

There are no limits, you can block people from your channel, lock, hide and make your channel only accessible for certain users, certain user or certain roles. Tempy got you covered in every situation.

Configuration & Possibilities

Tempy has thousands of possibilities to make the new Temp Channels as individual as possible. You will have no more wishes, we promise.
Tempy takes an average of one second to create a voice channel and a text channel, cache them, assign permissions and welcome you!

Development & Safety

Tempy has been tested and developed over a long period of time and is now prepared for anything, for any dropouts and errors.
Spam-Joining a Tempy Creation Channel

Community Care & Support

We care a lot about our community, our support will help you as good as they can. We can even join your Discord server and setup everything for you, free and fast. We post updates and changes in our Discord server and you decide when or if you want to get pinged at all.

Fast & Easy Setup and Use

We have worked for a long time to make the use and control of the Tempy Bot as simple as possible. Setuping Tempy takes ~10 seconds (We've counted the seconds).
The Tempy Setup