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✨ Welcome to the Tempy Bot Documentation!

Tempy is a Bot which can create Temp Channels within seconds. A Temp Channel is a Voice Channel (we call them Tempies) which will be deleted, after everybody left the Voice Channel. So you never have to create tons of Voice Channels and spam your server with useless stuff again. Add Tempy to your Discord Server today and benefit from a feature-rich, easy to use and completly free Temp Channel Discord Bot. You want to invite Tempy? Invite Tempy by clicking here: https://tempybot.me/invite

🐤 Getting started in under 30 seconds with Tempy!

You can read our detailed and extensive Documentation to get started with Tempy by clicking on Getting started with Tempy, as far as you got any questions you can contact us everytime and benefit from a fast and friendly Support, you can find the redirect to our Discord Server by clicking Discord Server at the top. Any other questions/requests? Feel free to send me an E-Mail: support@arealwant.tech

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