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Tempy 2.0

Welcome to the new documentation of the new Tempy version 2.0

🎉 The Tempy Discord bot is back online! 🎉

After months, or rather almost a year, Tempy is back. Since the beginning Tempy had many problems, from the channel creation getting slower and slower and the high offline times, to the complete shutdown for months. I unfortunately had many private things to take care of and the changes in the Discord API, as well as the new version of the library in which Tempy is written, have changed fundamentally. Looking through all these changes and writing a completely new Discord bot seemed unfeasible for me at that time. Especially because the co-developer of Tempy was not part of the team anymore since several months. Despite this, I pulled myself together, programmed for days and nights and worked on the new version. How it works and all commands, explanation etc. you can see here, on the new documentation of Tempy. - ARealWant, 1st January 2023

📚 Welcome to the Tempy Bot Documentation!

Tempy is a Discord bot for creating temporary voice channels. If a user joins the so-called Creating channel, a Tempy voice channel is automatically created; if the user leaves it, it is automatically deleted again. Result: Your Discord server will look a lot nicer and tidier!

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