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Tempy 2.0
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Server Commands

Customize roles that manage Tempy's settings on your server. Fine-tune Tempy's behavior and ensure the correct permissions for role management.
Using following features, you can fine-tune the way Tempy works on your server and ensure that only the roles you choose have the necessary permissions to manage Tempy's settings. Whether you want to give certain users more control over Tempy's behavior or simply want to make it easier for users to create and join temporary channels, these features have you covered.
So, without further ado, let's dive into the documentation and learn how to use these powerful features to their full potential on your Discord server!
/server defaultrole
The "defaultrole" command in the Tempy Discord bot allows users to set a specific role as the replacement for the @everyone role in the server. This can be useful for customizing group communication within the server. To use this command, users must have the appropriate permissions and/or the "manager" role.
/server managerrole
As the administrator of your Discord server, it is important to designate a specific role that has the ability to manage the settings of the Tempy bot. By assigning the role of Tempy manager, you can ensure that the management of the bot is organized and efficient, and that any changes or updates to its settings are handled in a controlled and responsible manner.