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FAQ and more

Below you can see the most frequently asked or the most important hints when using Tempy.

How to invite Tempy correctly?

Please make sure that when you invite Tempy, you leave the permissions Tempy requires untouched. As a rule, Tempy asks for administrator permissions in addition to the necessary permissions. It is best to leave this permission enabled as well, since role permissions can be overridden by channel permissions, it could be that one of Tempy's important permissions will be overwritten this way.

Why does it say "..." at the end of my channel name?

This happens when you have a channel name that is too long. Tempy recognizes since version 2.0 too long channel names and shortens them with three dots at the end.

Why is my channel bitrate lower than I configured?

This happens when the bitrate you have stored is higher than what your server allows according to its boost level. Tempy detects since version 2.0 too high bitrates and truncates them to the next highest one that is selectable for your server.

What is the difference between global and local settings?

Global settings = Settings for every creating-channel Local settings = Settings for only one specific creating-channel If you have set a local setting, it'll be used over the global setting, you can see the default global settings for every Discord server by clicking following button:

The restriction to vote is extremely annoying, why don't you just remove it?

We fully understand how annoying it can be to have to vote so many times for Tempy to be able to use commands. But exactly this for many annoying restriction is for us the most important way to reach many people with our project. We hope that you can understand this somehow.
To make the restriction at least fairer we have done the following:
  • We have developed vote tiers, the more often you vote the less often you have to wait for certain commands, by advancing a tier the time how long a vote is valid increases by 6 hours (Example: you have voted over 40 times, so you only have to vote every 24 hours).
The vote tier
How many votes are needed
How long one vote is valid
Tier 0
Valid for 12+ hours
Tier 1
20 or more votes are needed
Valid for 16+ hours
Tier 2
40 or more votes are needed
Valid for 24+ hours
Tier 3
60 or more votes are needed
Valid for 30+ hours
  • We round up the time difference to the last vote
  • You get a role listed separately from others and a role according to your tier on our server