The Tempy Bot
Tempy 2.0

Info Commands

These commands allow you to view the version, uptime, memory usage, guilds, users, and latency of your Discord bot.
In this section, we will describe the various commands available for getting information about the bot. These commands allow you to check the current version and status of the bot, as well as other important details about its operation. Whether you want to check the uptime of the bot, see how much memory it is using, or just want to know how many guilds and users it is currently connected to, these commands have you covered. So, without further ado, let's dive into the documentation and learn how to use these powerful commands to their full potential on your Discord server. With just a simple command prefix, you can easily access a wealth of information about the bot's operation and performance, all at your fingertips.
Shows you all Tempy commands and important forwardings.
/info version
The /info version command allows you to view the current version of the Tempy Discord bot.
/info status
The /info status command provides information about the current status of the bot, including its uptime, memory usage, number of guilds it is a part of, number of users it can see, and latency. This information can be helpful for debugging and understanding the performance of the bot on your Discord server.
/info overview
See an overview of all Tempy channels and creating-channels on your server, including the amount of channels, the amount of users in each channel and the owner of each Tempy channel.