Tempy Changelog
All changes and updates of Tempy!

Tempy Version 1.1.2

The Tempy Version 1.1.2 is not published yet. This hint will be removed as far as all changes/updates/fixes down below are pushed and available to every Discord server.
  • Fix: Text channel is not being deleted after the Tempy voice channel is empty

Tempy Version 1.1.1

  • Update: Tempy User Tags are finally here! Read more ...​
  • Update: The configname command has been revamped and reworked Read more ...​
  • Update: Channel names are supported by user tags now, you are now able to set a config-channel-name with user tags, should someone create a channel, the user tag will be applied to the name

Tempy Version 1.1.0

  • Update: We did improve the performance of Tempy and reduced the restart time by a lot.
  • Update: We added command that are vote-only locked, read more by clicking here.
  • Update: Voting for Tempy gives you a role on our Discord support server.

Tempy Version 1.0.9

  • Update: The unlock command has been added to the changes applied with version 1.0.8.
  • Update (to 1.0.8): Also True overwrites will be applied from the read_messages permission.
  • Fix: Sessions are not being restored after saving and recreating a channel.
  • Fix: Lock command no longer changes the connection permission, using a default-role.

Tempy Version 1.0.8

  • Update: Using the lock and onlyfor command will check if the default-role (everyone role) had read_messages enabled/disabled, thus before from the category applied, if so, the read_messages permission will not be set to None anymore, but still be set to True/False.*
* Only the mentioned both commands are affected because they are the only commands changing the read_message permission for the default role. Before this update the read_messages was set to None after using the lock or the onlyfor command, which is obviously not wanted in many cases.

Tempy Version 1.0.7

  • Update: If your Discord server reached the maximum of Discord invites and you're trying to send a Join Request, Tempy will tell you that the maximum is reached (1000) and how many invites should be deleted.
  • Update: Added the alias "knock" for Join Requests.
  • Changed: The error message for Join Requests have a new and better text now.

Tempy Version 1.0.6

  • Update: Now you can finally set the bitrate to up to 384 kbps if the boost-level allows it.
  • Update: If the boost-level drops the bitrate will be changed to the next high you can reach.
  • Update: Instead of showing the bitrate as xx.0 it will be shown directly as xx now.

Tempy Version 1.0.5

  • Update: Tempy Patches, a channel where all patches are posted in
  • Update: Random automatic reactions to patch messages posted in the above mentioned channel
  • Fix: Trying to create a Channel with a saved Tempy Session will skip the channel Creation sometimes
  • Typo Correction: Corrected a typo at the unsave error embed, changed cancreate to can create

Tempy Version 1.0.4

  • Fix: Text channels and voice channels not being deleted if textcreation is turned on
  • Fix: Welcome-message after text channel creation was not being sent.

Tempy Version 1.0.3

  • Fix: Tempy doesn't delete the created Text and voice channel after creation.
  • Fix: Tempy doesn't grant new joined users permissions for the Tempy text channel.
  • Added: Tempy will check if all needed permissions are granted from the role and category permissions, shouldn't this be the case the Text channel won't be deleted. Read more here.

Tempy Version 1.0.2

  • Fix: Tempy doesn't deny the (if setup) default_role to see newly created text channels.
  • Fix: The Tempy text channels were still visible to the user, that left the (to the text channel) conencted voice channel, after rejoining the permissions were granted again, but never removed at all.

Tempy Version 1.0.1.

  • Added discord.py logs errors and debug information via. the Python logging module​
  • Updated info commands links containing arealwant.tech to arealwant.com​
  • Updated linking in Sessions FAQ from blog.arealwant.tech to blog.arealwant.com​
  • Change to avoid ratelimits from the Discord gateaway / http

Tempy Version 1.0.0. [Official Release]

All Bot Changes and Innovations:

  • New Feature: Click here to learn about TEMPY SESSIONS.
  • Performance: The Performance got increased a lot. We've changed our Database to a faster one, we tested a lot things and worked very hard to get a faster channel creation.
  • Easier Usage: We have heard that many find it difficult to use Tempy. Due to that we have changed all embeds, changed the design and made the help-embed only showing you, what you really need right now. We give a high value to the user experience - which got highly improved now.
  • New Feature: Now you have the possibility to manage your Channel with commands and decide even better who is allowed to join, who not and who is allowed to see your channel and who not.
  • Mention Tempy: You can mention Tempy to get some infos, the prefix and all set Creation channels.
  • Feature Update: All voice-channel infos have been replaced with Discord's new voice mentioning.
  • New Command: You can hide/unhide your channel for everybody now.
  • New Command: You can block/unblock a user from your channel now.
  • New Command: You can lock/unlock your channel, so nobody can enter it.
  • New Command: With the onlyfor command you can make your channel only accedable for a user.
  • New Command: With the rename command you can change the name of your channel.
  • New Command: With the reset command you can reset all made changes easily.
  • New Command: With the overview command you get an overview of all Tempy Channels created on your server, every Creaton Channel and more.
  • Bug-Fix: Trying to remove a Creation Channel, which isn't one - isn't possible anymore.
  • Feature Update: People who got blocked out of a channel, will be kicked from the channel, if they are in the channel. As well as kicking all users out of a channel, if you force grant someone permissions with the onlyfor command for example.
  • New Command: With the nocamping command you can force your members to have the userlimit of their channel on two or higher. Userlimit of one will be changed back to the previous userlimit.
  • New Command: With the defaultrole command you can change the role which is getting used by managing the channel permissions of every Tempy channel.
  • Feature Update: You can now also block several users at the same time, you can also block several roles at the same time from now on.
  • New Command: With the NSFW command Tempy will enable NSFW for every new textchannel.
  • Bug-Fix: Resetting a channel's settings also removes Tempy all permissions, which causes errors after using the channel commands again - however, bug has been fixed now.
  • New Feature: The Permissions Tab which explains what permissions are needed to use Tempy, also why Tempy is asking for specific permissions.
  • New Bug-Prevention: You will get an error embed if you try to setup Tempy (use any startsettings commands), while Tempy doesn't have enough permissions to create/manage channels.
  • New Bug-Prevention: Tempy needs certain permissions on creating a textchannel, should Tempy doesn't have this permissions, no textchannel will be created. Read more about Textchannel Perms.
  • Bug-Fix: It was possible to use onlyfor/block/unblock on random letters (not on a real user/user id) - however, not possible anymore.
  • Command Name Changes: The Command "name" is now configname, the Command "limit" is now configlimit and the Command "channellimit" is now certainlimit.
  • New Command: With the Bitrate command you can pre-set the bitrate for new created channels.

All Website Changes and Innovations:

  • Loading Speed: The Website is loading 7 seconds faster as before. We're very proud that we got our website being finally fast again. The Tempy website was very slow and loaded very clunky before.
  • Live Support: The Website have a support feature at the lower right corner now. You can chat with us everytime and tell us your questions. You are able to chat 24/7 with our Developers now.
  • Dashboard: We have also started programming the backend of our dashboard. #soon
  • Design: We have added two new headers showing the creation speed and the mulitple creation channel feature.
  • #VoteForTempy: We have added a Sub Site which shows you all Botsites Tempy is on. Clicking on one of the website will give you the possibility to vote for Tempy.
  • Our Team: We have also added a website which shows you our team.
  • New Footer: The website have also a new footer now, with more information and an increased dark-mode.
  • Scrollbar: The website have a new and way--- nicer scrollbar, we hope you like it!

All Support Server Changes and Innovations:

  • Role for using Tempy: You get a role if you're an owner of a server Tempy is in.
  • Stats Channels: At the top of our server you can see all live Stats of Tempy now.
  • New Roles: You can now start getting the Tempy Ideagiver and Tempy Bug Hunter. You don't know how to get them? No Problem - Check this!

Tempy Pre-Update 0.9.0. - 0.9.9

This Version contains the Major Update of Tempy, this is packed a Pre-Update to secure that all changes coming with the Major Update are working perfectly, with the final Update we're going to tell you all changes. The website got changed a lot - the bot and our Discord Support Server. We wan't to reach a higher amount of servers and people. With the Release of the Major Update Tempy will leave the BETA.

Tempy Version Patch 0.4.2. - 0.8.9

Setup Command Bugs has been fixed, some colors are also new now, Tempy reply to commands now and the maximum time of the spam detection has been changed a bit. Our website is mobile-responsive now.

Tempy Version Update 0.4.0.

Changes with this update:

  • Save messages in a text channel with Tempy: Now you're able to save the last 500 messages in a .txt file by using -save
  • The down below mentioned slowdown and spam prevention was associated with getting notified about the spam as a private message. We reworked that. You won't get messages anymore
  • Instead of the above mentioned messaging, fast channel-creation will be punished with a disconnect​
  • Channels didn't get deleted after leaving them or fast creating new ones, this has been also fixed
  • We will now also upload all further versions of Tempy without taking the bot offline

Tempy Version Update 0.2. - 0.3.7

Changes with this update:

  • Now Tempy has a slowmode to prevent the fast and useless creation of voice channels Should someone create channels very fast, they will get a reminder in their DMs and a cooldown which will prevent them creating new channels for a certain time again.
  • We improved the performance of Tempy extremly, creating channels is faster now and the deletion isn't that buggy anymore, deleting channels was an often reported problem with Tempy.
  • Now you can set welcome messages Welcome message are messages which'll be sent in a Tempy, as far as someone joined/left the Tempy. You can turn this messages on and off, they're turned off default.
  • Now Tempy has a report command, you can use it on our Discord-Server in tempy-commands
  • Now Tempy has a feedback command, you can use it on our Discord-Server in tempy-commands
  • Now Tempy has a suggestion command, you can use it on our Discord-Server in tempy-commands