Reworked: Setup Tempy
Here you will be shown step by step how to use the Tempy Setup Feature.

1. Start the Tempy Setup

As far as you didn't set a custom prefix you can use -setup to start the Tempy setup. If you didn't setup any Creation channels already you will only see the two options down below, this makes it easier for you.
The setup embed after you've started the setup.

2. Choose an option you'd like to manage

You can choose between two options at the beginning, wether you already have a channel and you'd like to turn it into a Creation channel or you want Tempy to create a Voice channel which will be automatically a Creation channel then. In this example we want Tempy to create a Voice channel.
The setup embed on choosing one of the mentioned options.

3. Choose wether you want or don't want Text channels too

As far as someone joins the above set voice channel, Tempy will create a Text Channel, only people who are in the Voice Channel are able to see the new Text Channel. You have the option between creating Text channels too or not. In this example we don't want to create Text channels too.
The setup embed after the setup is finished.

We have successfully set up Tempy.

Have fun using Tempy! <3