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There is missing an option in the Tempy Setup, why?

The option of choosing an own creation channel AND the option of letting Tempy to create a creation channel are both disabled if you reached the maximum of creation channels, this channel maximum is at three voice channels, please remove one creation channel to setup a new one.
The same is for removing a channel. The third reaction won't appear if you didn't setup any channel.

Why is Tempy not creating a Text channel after joining the Creation?

Should Tempy has not every single needed permission no Text channels will be created, Tempy will use the category (where Text channels should normally being created) and the role permissions, should a permission be missing the Text channel creation will be skipped.
You can see which permissions Tempy needs for a successful Text channel creation by clicking here. This check has been added with the Tempy Version 1.0.3, see other changes here.

Why is Tempy not creating a Channel after joining the Creation?

We are blocking every voice-action when Tempy is missing only one permission. We want to avoid useless errors - that's why Tempy will compare it's needed permissions and the permissions it got. Should a permission be missing Tempy will immediately cancel the creation. Please also don't forget that I need them as a voice and role permission.

Why couldn't I setup Tempy?

The startsettings-commands are disabled when I'm missing out essential permissions. You can see which voice-permissions I need to have down below, I need them as a voice and role permission.

Why do I always get kicked after joining a creation channel?

What does it mean if you get kicked everytime you try to join a creation channel:
Getting kicked after joining a creation channel means, that you're ratelimited by using Tempy. To provide fast channel hopping and fast channel creation you won't be able to join a creation channel for around max. 10 seconds. But no worries! You can still join other already created tempchannels.

How do I set the voice-channel, which create new channels?

Head over to Getting Started with Tempy to Setup/Remove a Voice Channel.

I set a text-category for new text-channels, but they aren't appearing!

The default settings of Tempy are that the text-creation is set to off, til you set it to on. Learn how by heading over to Getting Started with Tempy to Turn the Text Creation on/off.

How do I get the ID of channels - there's no Copy ID for me?

You have to enable the Developer Mode - we'll show you how down below.
1. Open the User Settings
2. Head over to Appearance > Advanced > Developer Mode
3. Turn Developer Mode on

After leaving a voice-channel, nothing is getting deleted, why?

Doublecheck the bot-permissions and the channel-permissions for every new created channel. Tempy needs enough permissions to delete or even create voice-channels & text-channels. If it's still not working, add the administration permissions to the Tempy bot role.
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