Vote-Only Locked
What is vote-only locked and what do I have to do to use commands that are decalred as vote-only and more importantly - why do I have to do that at all?

Why exactly do we have to vote now?

We can understand that it's a bit surprising now that you have to vote for certain commands instead of just being able to use them as before. However, we have no income with Tempy and have to pay the costs for the server, domains and especially the advertising, for months. With vote-only commands, at least the costs for advertising can be reduced, since you are displayed higher on botlists with many votes.
Since the Tempy version 1.1.0 some commands are locked and only usable by voting.

Are all commands only usable by voting now?

No. All config commands, all start commands and all info commands can be used without voting for Tempy. You can also see your saved session settings (-session) without voting for Tempy. Every other command requires you to vote for Tempy, every 12 hours.

On which site do we have to vote?

The biggest Discord botlist is, you've surely heard of it as most of Tempy's servers come through this botlist. This website offers bots, as well as servers to be listed there.
Please keep in mind that the ads that are placed before voting are from's advertisers. We make revenue through votes, for the first 100 votes we are credited with 15 credits, we can't pay them out in real money, we can only use them for advertising on the botlist. For each additional vote after the first 100 we will be credited exactly 0.001 credits.

After voting, can I use the commands as before again?

If your vote was successful you will be able to use all commands of Tempy without any limitation, for over 12 hours, if your vote expired and you are able to vote again you'll see that if you try to run a command that's part of the vote-only limitation. You'll get instant access to the command after voting.
Version 1.1.0 - Before voting and after voting for Tempy
Last modified 4mo ago