Tempy Sessions (FAQ)
Learn all about Tempy Sessions, how to save, delete and view your Tempy Channel settings.

What is a Tempy Session?

A Tempy session is a database entry that Tempy creates with all the settings you have made on your Tempy channel. When you create a new Tempy channel, Tempy remembers your settings and applies them to the new channel. So you never have to set up Tempy channels again.

How can I create a Tempy Session?

As soon as you're in your Tempy channel you send the command -session save into any channel of the server, all settings will be saved and taken over immediately when creating a new Tempy channel.

How can I see my Tempy Session?

As soon as you created a Tempy session you send the command -session and all in the Tempy Session saved settings/overwrites will be shown in an embed. If there's no Tempy Session you'll see a note.

How can I update the Tempy Session?

You made changes to your Tempy channel and want the changes to be applied into your Tempy Session? Easily use the command -session update again and the settings will be overwritten in our database. You can also use the regular "save" subcommand, both will do the same in this case.

How can I delete the Tempy Session?

You can reset all changes by using -session reset, creating a new Tempy channel will no longer take the setting of your before created Tempy session. Note that the pre-defined settings of the server you are in may be still applied to your Tempy channel.

How can I learn more about Tempy Session?

Under ARealWant's blog you can read about the development of this feature, about the design and more the functionality of the new Tempy Sessions, click here to get to the blog.
Last modified 5mo ago